Five Years of Women in Film & Photography at Objectifs

The Women in Film & Photography Showcase is our annual celebration of extraordinary and groundbreaking works by women photographers and filmmakers, highlighting the important contributions that women make to the arts. Over the last few years, we have explored themes ranging from Collective Power to Remedy for Rage, sharing intimate yet powerful stories about communities that deal with critical issues such politics, inequality, gender, sexuality, cultural identity and oppression.

Since 2015, Objectifs has presented the works of more than 80 photographers, 38 filmmakers and commissioned 5 new works, and has collaborated with organisations like Magnum Foundation, Women Photograph and the Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase.




The work at Objectifs continues behind the scenes during the COVID-19 period. As a non-profit arts organisation, we count on donations to enable us to support the arts community, and to keep creating programmes that broaden perspectives and inspire people through the power of images.

We are an Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. As such, your donations will qualify for a 250% tax deduction for the year 2020. Your contribution will also be eligible for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth’s Cultural Matching Fund, that provides a dollar-for-dollar match for cash donations to arts and heritage charities. Thank you for supporting our work!