Corporate Team Bonding

Corporate team bonding is an investment which pays off with long-term gains that are visible through strengthened relationships and increased trust amongst employees. This is why Objectifs’ highly hands-on team bonding sessions are not only designed to be fun; they also encourage effective communication and increase collaborations while providing your staff with a relaxing and enjoyable experience out of the office.

With hybrid schedules becoming the norm in more workplaces these days, team bonding has never been more essential in the creation of a positive workplace culture.

Here are some team bonding activities that we offer:

Photo Walks and Excursions
An ideal team bonding activity that combines both enrichment and exploration, our versatile photo walks can be customised for a location in the great outdoors, or take place along a heritage trail with various places of interest. Participants will be taught how to take impactful and eye-catching images during the walk that engage with photography fundamentals, such as composition and exposure. Throughout the excursion, they will learn to take on fresh and creative perspectives – an invaluable skill to bring back to the workplace.

Our photo walks can be tailored specifically for mobile photography, and can also be held in the style of an ‘amazing race’, where participants get to better understand their colleagues, and make the most of team dynamics through lighthearted competition.

The Craft of Photography
Being able to take a good photograph goes beyond the mere use of fancy equipment. Portrait photography and fashion photography, for instance, both require the personnel behind the camera to be confident, decisive, and have the ability to give clear instructions.

Our customisable Craft of Photography team bonding sessions, which consist of modules such as food, portrait, and fashion photography, can be held as standalone workshops or combined as a workshop series. Participants will get to step into the shoes of a photographer while they team up with colleagues to hone the aforementioned transferrable skills and leadership qualities that will be useful in any workplace setting.

Lunchtime/Teatime Talks and Short Film Screenings
Staff welfare or recreational programmes can sometimes work best as a short energy booster in the middle of a work day. Held during the lunch or tea break hour, Objectifs’ talks and screenings for corporations are an excellent use of time where participants can enjoy learning and bonding together in a more relaxed and informal manner.

Our highly customisable talks cover topics such as the ‘how-to’ of good travel or food photography, and can include screenings of selected short films from our film library. Suitable for conducting over Zoom or other online platforms, this programme is ideal for bringing all of your employees together for a team bonding event regardless of their remote working status.

All our workshops can be specifically tailored to directly meet the needs of your company’s staff or organisation’s members. We also offer specialised workshops, for example, on pinhole photography. Our workshops can be conducted on Zoom or other online platforms.

For more information, call 6336 2957 or email us to find out what we can do together!

Organisations we have worked with include:

• Accenture
• Barclays Capital
• Bain & Co.
• Borouge
• British High Commission
• Bloomberg LP
• Cathay Photo
• Club Rainbow
• Charles & Keith
• Chinese Development Assistance Council
• Credit Suisse
• Chevron Singapore
• Children’s Cancer Foundation
• Cycle & Carriage
• Dell Singapore
• Futurebrand
• Epson

• Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
• IFF Fragrances
• IFS Capital
• Indian Heritage Centre
• Infineon
• Health Promotion Board
• Health Sciences Authority
• Inst of Chemical & Engineering Sciences
• M1
• MHE-Demag
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Monetary Authority of Singapore
• Ministry of Defence
• Ministry of Education
• Ministry of Manpower
• Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Muis)
• National Library Board
• Pacific International Lines
• National Museum of Singapore
• National University of Singapore
• NUS Museum
• Panasonic
• People’s Association
• Samsung
• Sembcorp
• Standard Chartered
• Singhealth
• Singapore Exchange
• Singapore Recreation Club
• Singapore Scouts Association
• Singapore Tourism Board
• Singhealth
• Société Générale
• Workforce Development Agency