Celebrating Asian photography by Asian women

Chapel Gallery, Objectifs 
Evening Slideshow Projection
15 Nov 2017, Wed 730pm to 830pm
Entry by donation, register here 


The Women in Film & Photography Showcase at Objectifs is a tribute to the artists, photographers and filmmakers who have created works that tell stories with impact, break boundaries and inspire us.

As part of our Women in Photography 2017 Exhibition, Objectifs has collaborated with the Asian Women Photographers’ Showcase to spotlight works by Asian women photographers in an evening slideshow projection on 15 Nov 2017 at Objectifs. A Q&A will follow with five of the photographers, including: Amrita Chandradas, Nurul Huda Rashid, Watsamon Tri-yaksakda, Gu Xinran and Shwe Wutt Hmon.

The works were selected in an open call process, and reflect the diversity and complexity of issues pursued by Asian women photographers in recent years. The slideshow is jointly curated by Yumi Goto (of Reminders Project and Photography Stronghold) and Emmeline Yong (Objectifs). Our 14 featured photographers are:

Women in Film & Photography Showcase Programme
:: Women in Photography 2017 Exhibition: 13 Oct to 19 Nov
:: Guided photographer & curator tour: 13 Oct, Fri, 230pm to 330pm
:: Panel Discussion – Woman Photographer: 13 Oct, Fri, 730pm to 9pm
:: Artist talks: 14 Oct, Sat, 2pm to 430pm
:: Women in Film 2017 (19 to 28 Oct)