An introductory workshop

Held in conjunction with Passing Time
A solo exhibition by Lui Hock Seng
Mr Lui will be in attendance during the workshop. 

Street photography has a long and glorious tradition in the history of photography. The best street photographs give the viewer of feeling as if they are “amidst” the street scene in the photograph. Iconic images that have come to be viewed over the years as lucky photographs are often the result of an attentive eye and preparation.

In this short single-session workshop, participants will be introduced to street photography and given an overview of photography fundamentals before they embark on a guided shoot, led by instructor Deanna Ng and accompanied by 80-year-old self-taught photographer Mr Lui Hock Seng, along vibrant Waterloo Street. The workshop will conclude at Objectifs with a review session in which participants will share their images and learnings, and receive feedback and tips that can inform their future street photography endeavours.

No prior experience is needed for this workshop. All you need to bring is a camera you’re familiar with (preferably one with full manual function) and a keen eye on the streets!


• Introduction to Street Photography
• How to anticipate the action
• Overview of photography fundamentals and rules of composition

Guided shoot

• How / where to position yourself, situational awareness
• Approaching subjects


• Critique & feedback
• Wrap up

Workshop fee: 

This workshop is suitable for beginners. Participants are to bring their own cameras (ideally with full manual function, like a DSLR or a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera) that they are familiar with. Participants are strongly encouraged to view the exhibition Passing Time at Objectifs prior to the workshop.

The guided shoot will proceed rain or shine, thus participants may also wish to bring a raincoat, cap and water.


Sat 10 Mar 2018, 4-7pm

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