Objectifs is a non-profit arts space dedicated to photography and film. Our mission is to broaden perspectives and inspire through the power of images.

We present a year round programme of exhibitions, screenings, workshops, talks and residencies, aimed at fostering dialogue, and advancing the practice and appreciation of photography and film. 

Objectifs provides instruction in photography and filmmaking at different skill levels. Our courses are offered at a part-time level, so that you can learn and create outside the confines of a diploma or full-time environment. Our instructors are all full-time practising photographers and fillmmakers – passionate about their craft and keen to inspire students.

Exhibitions & Screenings
We regularly hold photography exhibitions, film screenings and talks centered around various themes and concerns. Objectifs also curates for external venues like galleries, museums and schools. We also champion the work of visual artists and filmmakers over multiple platforms(e.g. theatrical, DVD, broadcast, airline, VOD). We focus primarily on Singapore content (short films and independent features), promoting and distributing it to international festivals and markets.

The Objectifs Residency is a platform for visual artists working in the medium of film or photography to come together with the community in a purposeful and meaningful way. Our aim is to offer artists a developmental opportunity through a residency and to raise the level of creativity for both the artist and the local community through a series of outreach and education activities.

Our outreach programmes aim to develop new audiences and foster interest in local visual arts. We regularly conduct workshops and screenings at schools (secondary, junior college, tertiary and international schools) to nurture young audiences and ad hoc talks and workshops to companies, often providing their staff with their first introduction to local photography and film.

Collaborations & Partnerships
We manage photography and film consultancy projects for government agencies and private clients, including competitions, campaigns and festivals. These collaborations allow us to link up arts practitioners with corporate/government agencies through educational efforts and the creation of new art work, and extend our programming reach to an even wider audience.

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Objectifs Centre Ltd is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Seed Grant for the period from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2019.