Learn more about film publicity and production design, as well as discuss the current value of film criticism with industry professionals

The Objectifs x Momo Film Co Short Film Incubator is an initiative presented by Objectifs that focuses on developing short film scripts. The programme is open to Southeast Asian filmmakers working with moving images, and will provide five selected participants with mentorship and a valuable support network as they work on their scripts.

Leong Puiyee, Programme Assistant Director at Objectifs, is the key facilitator for the Short Film Incubator. Momo Film Co is the programme partner for the Objectifs x Momo Film Co Short Film Incubator.

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How to Publicise Our Films?!
Understanding the Perils of Film Publicity with Matthew Sanders
Fri 5 Jul 2024, 7.30pm to 9pm (SGT) via Zoom



The basics of film publicity can sometimes seem elusive to those outside of the film industry. How does one even begin working with a publicist, and what is considered ‘right timing’ for a film release? In fact, is it even possible to release a film with no publicity at all?

In this highly anticipated talk, Matthew Sanders will introduce attendees to the exciting and fast-paced world of film publicity, as well as shed light on why it is important for filmmakers to manage their expectations after a film release. With reference to case studies of titles that he has worked on, Sanders will also reveal commonly made mistakes on top of a discussion on the importance of marketing a film for different regions, and why it is crucial to have a quiet space for interviews and press junkets.

Matthew Sanders has specialised in devising and running international film publicity campaigns for almost 30 years, working with an eclectic range of filmmakers including Luca Guadagnino, David Cronenberg, Sofia Coppola, Walter Salles, Paolo Sorrentino, Sally Potter and Pedro Almodovar. Matthew primarily works with auteur-directed independent films that require a careful and sensitive approach and building trusted long-term relationships with directors, producers and cast to ensure films have the best possible chance for critical, commercial and awards success. He is particularly sought out for his in-depth knowledge of film festivals including Cannes, Venice and Berlin.

He joined Fremantle in 2023 to oversee the creation and implementation of its global film publicity strategy from greenlight through to launch, most recently working on films including Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla, Paola Cortellesi’s There’s Still Tomorrow, Kirill Serebrennikov’s Limonov: The Ballad and Pablo Larrain’s Maria.

Matthew is a trustee of UK art education charity Magic Lantern, which uses great works of art to help children and adults better observe and explore the world around them (www.magiclanternart.org.uk [magiclanternart.org.uk]), having previously spent 13 years as Magic Lantern Director.

Getting Production Design Right with Sam Manacsa
Sat 6 Jul 2024, 2pm to 3.30pm (SGT) via Zoom



Production design is a highly creative process that brings a set to life by translating the director’s vision to onscreen reality. What are the 101s of production design, and how can a production designer learn to work with both the director and cinematographer to allow their ideas to come to fruition? Hear and learn from Sam Manacsa in this session as she discusses the artistic role and responsibilities of a production designer by looking at case studies of films she has worked on, and mistakes she has learnt from.

Sam Manacsa is a filmmaker and production designer based in Manila. She worked as Art Director on award-winning films such as Carlo Francisco Manatad’s Whether the Weather Is Fine (Locarno Junior Jury Award 2021) and Giancarlo Abrahan’s SILA-SILA (2019), among others. Her short film, Cross My Heart and Hope to Die (2023), had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival under the Orrizonti Section while If People Such as We Cease to Exist (2016) was selected at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. She is an alumna of Asian Film Academy 2019 and SEAFIC Seed Lab 2022.

‘Everyone’s a Critic!’ – The Evolution of Film Criticism with Niels Putman and Savina Petkova from Talking Shorts
Sat 6 Jul 2024, 4.30pm to 6pm (SGT) via Zoom



What does it mean to be a ‘good’ film critic? What sets a general film consumer writing reviews on social media platforms apart from someone who has specifically honed their craft on film writing through years of training and/or studies and the likes? Is there currently an air of elitism surrounding film criticism? And what does the general audience take away from film reviews?

Join us for this talk with Niels Putman and Savina Petkova, who will respond to these questions as they examine the current value of film criticism, who it is for, and why it is important. Learn and participate in a discussion with them during this session as they explain how an ecosystem bringing together filmmakers’ perspectives, film criticism, and audience appreciation should be cultivated.

Savina Petkova is a Bulgarian film critic and programmer based in London, UK with a PhD in Film Studies (King’s College London) and a Film Studies Master’s Degree (UCL). As a critic and journalist, she has written for Cineuropa, Variety, Sight and Sound, MUBI Notebook, Little White Lies among others. Since 2024, she serves as the Programming Panel Lead (features) at the Cambridge Film Festival and as a features programmer at the Sofia International Film Festival. After years as a contributing writer, she is currently commissioning editor at Talking Shorts, an online magazine for longform shorts film criticism and the official outlet for the European Network for Film Discourse (The END). As part of The END, Savina mentors young critics in one of their European Workshops for Film Criticism, being an alumna of Berlinale (2020) and Sarajevo (2020) Talents Press, as well as the Locarno Critics Academy (2023).

Niels Putman is the artistic director of Kortfilm.be, the online hub for (Belgian) short films, and co-founder and chief editor of the short film magazine Talking Shorts. As a freelance film programmer and curator, he is currently affiliated with Fantoche Int’l Animation Film Festival (CH), Film Fest Gent (BE), and the video-on-demand platform Avila (BE). He has contributed as a guest curator to festivals in Quebec City, Dresden, and Poznan.

Niels holds a Master’s in Film Studies & Visual Culture (University of Antwerp) and Audiovisual Arts (RITCS, Brussels). His work as a journalist and critic has been published in several Belgian outlets, including De Standaard, Etcetera, and Fantômas. He has served on (press) juries at international film events in the likes of Tampere, Cannes, and Festival Regard and is an official member of the Belgian Film Press Union and FIPRESCI.

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