Pursuing and sustaining long-term documentary projects

Shooting with Purpose: A Seminar by Minzayar Oo
Part of Stories That Matter 2018: BORDERS
Sat 17 March, 2pm to 4.30pm
Workshop Space, Objectifs
Seminar Fee: $50 

Minzayar Oo is one of Myanmar’s leading freelance photographers, known for covering the country’s political and economic change in recent years. He is the first photographer to win the prestigious Martin Adler Prize for freelancers, and his work has appeared in many international publications, including TIME, The New York Times and The Guardian. He is represented by Panos Pictures.

In this seminar recommended for photographers and NGO/civil society professionals with an interest in long-term documentary projects, Minzayar will speak extensively on his own work, and cover topics such as:

– Clarifying your ideas and purpose: what exactly do you want to say, and why?
– Unique / new perspectives: What can you bring to a subject? Does your proposed take differentiate itself or add nuance to the discussion?
– Gaining access
– Sustaining projects: funding and other issues
– Ethics of documentary photography

Please note that this session will not involve shooting but will be an interactive seminar with participative elements like short exercises (including the opportunity to practise elevator pitches and received feedback), discussions and question-and-answer sessions.

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