Take a glimpse through the camera lenses of our student workshop participants

Featuring works by students of Crescent Girls’ School, Raffles Institution, Pathlight School, and Naval Base Secondary School
7 to 12 Feb 2023
Lower Gallery, Objectifs

How often do we get the chance to see our world and surroundings completely through the eyes of our youths? Here at Objectifs, our school photography workshops aim not only to equip students with camera knowledge and competency, but to also provide them with a platform to visually articulate their stories and showcase the sights that capture their imagination.

Held in the Objectifs’ Lower Gallery for the week of 7 to 12 Feb 2023, and as a precursor to our Young Photographers’ Mentorship Programme showcase, this exhibition will feature a range of photographic works taken in 2022 and Jan 2023 by local student participants of our Digital Photography and Visual Diary workshops.

The School Workshops’ Showcase 2023 is ideal for school tours and visits.