Photo projects by participants of the Young Photographers’ Mentorship Programme (YPMP) 2022

Young Photographers’ Mentorship Programme Class of 2022 Exhibition
Featuring works by the participants of YPMP 2022 – Andrea Vincent, Chang Jia Xuan Luna, Desnando Sarlim, Ethel Lim Kay Qin, Gayle Lim, Goh Pei Xuan,  Jomel, Kayleigh Qiqi Ho, Kyle Davidson, Janson Lim, Joel Tan Haohui, JX Soo, Minsoo Bae, Muhammad Syahmi Bin Hashim, and Muhammad Zulfadhli

16 Feb to 26 Mar 2023

Opening: Thu 16 Feb, 12pm – 9pm
Objectifs Lower Gallery and Courtyard

Artist Tours | Lower Gallery, Objectifs:
Session 1: Sat, 18 Mar | 1pm – 2pm

Led by participants Goh Pei Xuan Jomel, Chang Jia Xuan Luna, Joel Tan Haohui, Minsoo Bae, Muhammad Zulfadhli, Kyle Davidson, Ethel Lim Kay Qin

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Session 2: Sat, 18 Mar | 2pm – 3pm

Led by participants Andrea Vincent, Desnando Sarlim, Gayle Lim, Kayleigh Qiqi Ho, Janson Lim, JX Soo, Muhammad Syahmi Bin Hashim

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This exhibition presents the photo projects developed by participants of the Young Photographers’ Mentorship Programme (YPMP), which aims to develop the artistic voice and ambitions of emerging photographers. Through a three-month long mentorship programme, participants had the opportunity to learn from some of the region’s foremost young artists and photographers as mentors and guest lecturers. The process encouraged them to explore and experiment with image-based work, and deepen their understanding of the creative and professional possibilities in photography. The programme was formerly known as the Shooting Home Youth Awards.

About the participants of YPMP 2022

Andrea Vincent’s pursuit of personal growth inspires her creative work. Her desire to capture diverse and accessible narratives about the human condition celebrates the hand we have in creating our own stories.

LUN3R (Luna Chang, b. 2001) is a multidisciplinary artist and photographer pursuing their degree in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts. Their work is mainly a study of queer urban practices, as well as the exploration of digital spaces, which delve into topics such as digital immortality, interconnectivity, and cyber catharsis.

Desnando Sarlim holds a Diploma in Fine Art from LASALLE College of the Arts. He works with various mediums, and specialises in watercolour paintings. He creates art as an attempt to record and understand the world around him. A lot of his works are inspired by nature, daily experiences, and simple things that he enjoys. His artworks aim to immerse viewers in his world, as well as provide space for them to discover and understand themselves better.

Ethel graduated from Yale-NUS with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Literature. She mostly treads in the streams of writing, crafting, and book-making. Her work is often concerned with the reconciliation of what we are, and what we were made to be.

Gayle Lim is a photographer who is interested in using her work to examine the struggles with mental health that students face.

Janson Lim is a photographer with a passion for capturing people and their environments.

Joel Tan is an aspiring photographer from Singapore with a background in filmmaking. He is drawn to magical realism and stream-of-consciousness style photography and seeks to develop his unique voice and style. As a 23-year-old at the crossroads of adulthood, the Young Photographers Mentorship Programme has been an outlet to capture his feelings and experiences.

JX Soo (b. 2000) is a photographer based in Singapore. Raised in Taiwan and Hong Kong, their work draws from personal experiences of cultural dissonance and transience. They are currently a second-year student studying Arts and Humanities and Urban Studies at Yale-NUS College.

Kayleigh Ho combines film and photography in her works to depict emotional conflicts, many of which are derived from her own experiences. She often takes an experimental and multi-disciplinary approach in her projects.

Kyle Davidson is a 16-year-old artist who works mainly in photography and film. His work explores the stillness and beauty of the Singaporean landscape, while also examining the relationship between the transcendental and the mundane. He was home-schooled all his life, and is now awaiting national service.

Minsoo (she/they) is interested in subjective relationships with reality. She enjoys exploring different ways of being present in, and interacting with the world using different mediums.

Syahmi Hashim is an image maker who explores the human condition through photographing spaces and personal stories. His interest in unique encounters and others’ lived experiences is a constant reminder of the camera’s ability to act as a vessel of compassion and curiosity.

Zulfadhli is currently a Year-3 student pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts at Nanyang Technological University, where he specialises in media arts (photography). Mostly keen on photographing spaces of personal interest, Zulfadhli also enjoys exploring different genres and photographic styles outside his usual practice.