By the recipient of the Objectifs Artist Residency 2019

Residency Sharing Session
By Phuong-Thao Hoang (Lac Hoang)
Wed 3 Apr, 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Objectifs Lower Gallery
Free admission; RSVP via Peatix at 

Join us for a sharing session by Phuong-Thao Hoang (Lac Hoang), a young artist from Vietnam who has spent the last few weeks in Singapore as the recipient of the Objectifs Artist Residency 2019 with international residency partner Matca, a Hanoi-based photography space.

Thao’s presentation will cover the development of contemporary photography in Vietnam from economic liberation in 1986 till present, by introducing established and emerging photographers and their personal projects, which often incorporate non-traditional methods of storytelling (including staged photography, performative photography, image appropriation, still life and intimate portraiture).

She will also share about her practice. She will introduce her past works which use photography and video and revolve around themes of memory, domestic space, privacy and publicity. She will introduce her work-in-progress residency project, which focuses on foreign domestic workers in Singapore, their relationship with public spaces and their sense of ownership of / belonging to these spaces, even if temporary.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with the artist.

About Phuong-Thao Hoang:
Phuong-Thao Hoang (b.1995) is a visual artist from Hanoi, Vietnam. She is pursuing a B.F.A in Fine Art from the Columbus College of Art & Design (2020) with a minor in Photography and Graphic Design. Her work consists of photography, video and drawings that often depart from found footage, elaborating on the elusive nature of memory and photographic records. She is also interested in domestic space and its significance in the modern age, as the boundary between the private and the public is blurring virtually and physically. Deploying the language of intimate storytelling, Thao has used past work to reconstruct memory from images, investigate Internet voyeurism and social performance for the camera.

Thao is based in Hanoi, Vietnam where she is working freelance under the name Lac Hoang as a fashion photographer and art director. Through whimsical storytelling, her editorial projects have dealt with issues of gender, urban living and narcissism in the digital age. More info at

About the Objectifs Artist Residency:
This reciprocal residency is dedicated to providing artists working in the medium of film and/or photography with valuable space, resources and networks to help them develop their visual arts projects. The residency programme aims to facilitate the research and creation of visual art works and regional networking between artists. The International Partner for the 2019 residency is Matca, a Hanoi-based photography space.

Header image by Phuong-Thao Hoang