Ombres 18-5-21 (13+1)


Ombres (13+1) is a visual poem that tells the story across time and space of a journey in search of light. It gathers images taken by Gilles Massot during his many journey around the world, starting with photographs from his university days in the late 1970s in Marseille and going all the way to the recent project developed in Facebook in 2021 under the title “Things I will Miss”. The flow of images though is not chronological but rather emotional contemplating the moments of sadness and joy of a journey in which many friends were made, and a few of them already lost. From shadow to light, the book ends with an opening onto the new phase of a life long artistic process that is currently shaping with the return of Gilles to his town of origin, Gardanne.

About Gilles Massot

Gilles Massot adopts a multidisciplinary process to establish links between narratives, occurrences and parts of the world. Based in Singapore since 1981, his book Bintan, Phoenix of the Malay Archipelago (2003) deeply influenced his artistic work, which now often deals with history and ethnology, while his conceptual concerns are in the theory of photography and the phenomenon of “recording” the revolutionary medium initiated.

His current pictorial project is centred on research about Jules Itier and the first photographs of Asia made in the 1840s, while his theoretical research explores the relations between the history of photography and that of quantum mechanics. A recipient of the French award Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, his work has been presented in over 50 exhibitions in France and Asia.

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BY Gilles Massot
YEAR 2021
DETAILS Softcover, 160pp

24 cm x 27 cm

LANGUAGE English and French

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