RESIDUE by Marcel Heijnen


This is photography. No double exposures or Photoshopping; just pure photography. Asia-based Dutch artist Marcel Heijnen has developed a simple yet unique method to capture and present an alternate visual reality of our world using just a camera and an untreated clear glass panel.

He roams Asia’s urban centres to find weathered walls, places a large glass pane in front of them, and then waits for the light to hit nearby buildings just so. For a fleeting moment, he can capture their reflections while the patina of the wall behind it steals through. Two realities collapsed into one in a single moment.

In these dreamlike visions, it feels as if the organic distress of the wall is happening to the architecture itself and that is precisely the point. The future contains its past and the past reveals its future, and the only time to experience this is right now, in the present moment.

Residue is about duality and paradox. The old versus the new, the geometric versus the organic, urbanisation versus nature – tensions that ultimately lead to some kind of equilibrium, like a perpetual dance between decay and renewal.

About Marcel Heijnen

Marcel Heijnen is a visual artist, designer and musician. Originally from the Netherlands, Asia has been his home since 1992. Marcel’s creativity is driven by a general curiosity about life and its meaning. He currently uses photography as the main medium for his art, exploring its boundaries in a quest for beauty and expression that goes beyond realism, but gets perhaps a little closer to truth.

Over the past few years he has had solo exhibitions at Month of Photography Asia, Vue Privée and Galeri Utama. He has participated in numerous group shows and the Affordable Art Fairs in both Singapore and Hong Kong. He is represented by Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam and Blue Lotus Gallery in Hong Kong.

Marcel is a co-founder of both Chemistry – the design collective, and Artistry – the Gallery Cafe.

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BY Marcel Heijnen
YEAR 2013
DETAILS Hardcover
27.7 cm x 32.6 cm, 140pp