08.08.08 – Beijing’s Road to the Olympics by Chua Chin Hon


In the heart of Beijing, just a stone’s throw from the mausoleum holding Mao Zedong’s body, a giant digital clock is counting down the seconds to the 2008 Olympic Games. It is the perfect symbol for a city that has been obsessed with all sorts of deadlines since 2001, when it won the bid to host the 29th Summer Olympiad. But in its headlong rush to build new stadiums, highways and airports, the Chinese capital is also losing many of the historic neighbourhoods which gave old Beijing much of its charm. Are these sacrifices worth it? Will the Olympics turn out to be a blessing or a disaster for Beijing and a rising China? The answers will not be known for months, or even years. This book presents a snapshot of the conflicted mood in Beijing ahead of the country’s biggest coming-out party.

About Chua Chin Hon

Chua Chin Hon is currently an editor at TODAY, where he oversees the newsroom’s online coverage and digital transition. Prior to returning to Singapore in 2013, he spent a decade in Beijing and Washington DC as a foreign correspondent. Chin Hon’s works were featured in Changing China: The Defining Years — an exhibition held at Objectifs from June – July 2018.

As an independent documentary photographer, he published his first monograph, 08.08.08: Beijing’s Road To The Olympics in 2008, which featured photographs made during his stint in China. His series “Ghost Towns of Singapore” was published in +50: This is Singapore, and showcased in a group slideshow at the Obscura Photo Festival in 2016. His accolades include the Judges’ Special Recognition in the “Global Vision Award” for the 2009 Pictures of the Year International Contest.

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BY Chua Chin Hon
COUNTRY Singapore
YEAR 2008
DETAILS 23.9 cm x 31.2 cm, 98pp

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