Waking Up In Strange Places


In 2015, photographer Juliana Tan spent 14 months travelling through 9 countries and 33 cities. Waking Up in Strange Places is a zine that encapsulates her experience in photographs and words.

The zine is designed by Do Not Design. There are 5 chapters that are bound together by magnet. This allows the reader to re-arrange the chapters in any way that they want. Therefore, there is no fixed way of viewing or displaying the zine. The viewer decides their own version of the journey.

The zine also includes some postcards of Juliana’s photographs. Juliana sent out postcards frequently when she was on the road and hopes that the reader will do the same. There are also pages which are large enough that they can be displayed as prints and hung on the wall. All in all, our hope is that the zine is bigger, deeper and larger than the sum of its parts.

Waking Up in Strange Places was selected as part of the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2018 book and is also a finalist the Invisible Photographer Asia Photobook Awards 2018.

About Juliana Tan
Juliana Tan is a Singapore-based photographer and director. Trained as a filmmaker, Juliana creates mise-en-scène in her photographs to situate the narrative of her subject. In both stills and motion, she uses lights, colours and composition purposefully, resulting in a crafted image that evoke a carefully-chosen emotion.

She has been published by The New York Times, Fast Company, Neon (Germany), Credit Suisse Bulletin (Switzerland) amongst others. Her advertising and commercial clients include Google, R/GA, T Brand Studio, Rolls-Royce, United Overseas Bank, MediaCorp, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many others.

While not on assignment, Juliana enjoys exploring new cities to learn about history and culture.



BY Juliana Tan
COUNTRY Singapore
YEAR 2017
DETAILS Varying sizes.
Size of the largest booklet: 17 cm x 24.1 cm
Edition of 300

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