TwentyFifteen 12/20: WE ARE FARMERS


Huiying comes from a family that runs one of the few surviving farms in Singapore. She started to photograph her family as an attempt to delve into a subject that’s commonly taken for granted. By doing so, she discovered that her family was the most extraordinary.

From the introduction of the book, “After 24 years of hard work, the farm is still running and the family is still together. This series of photographs is an exploration of the hopes and dreams that tie us together, and a reflection of where my sense of self, community and tradition comes from.”

The founders of Platform – Tay Kay Chin, Darren Soh, Ernest Goh and Leonard Goh – initiated TWENTYFIFTEEN to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence. 20 photographers have been chosen to create 15 images each, with a folio published for each photographer in the months leading up to August 9, 2015. 

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BY Ore Huiying
COUNTRY Singapore
YEAR 2015
DETAILS  38 cm x 28 cm; 36pp