Gain a sound understanding of your photographic process, and acquire insights into your personal visual language through a professional portfolio review.

30 minutes per participant

Date and Time
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Course Description
Taking part in a portfolio review is an essential process for all photographers to gain a better understanding of their own work. Here at Objectifs, we recognise that such conversations with a professional are crucial in bringing about important insights that can help further a photographic project.

During the half an hour session, each participant will get the opportunity to discuss their goals, current approaches, challenges faced, as well as future plans for their work. They will also get to explore how a personal visual language can be confidently articulated, and with the help of a professional and objective eye, learn to see the bigger picture/wider context their work is situated within.

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Workshop Fee
$60.00 per session

Zhuang Wubin
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Participants are to come prepared with a portfolio of at least 20-30 images during the session, which can be in print or digital format.

What next?
The Portfolio Review sets a strong basis for other photography workshops at Objectifs. 

FAQ on our centre workshops
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