A gathering of moments across the past 20 years of Objectifs

16 Nov to 16 Dec 2023
Chapel Gallery, Objectifs
Tues to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun, 12pm to 4pm
Free admission

This exhibition is held in conjunction with Objectifs’ 20th anniversary fundraising campaign. Click here to find out more.

Making Space is a gathering of moments across the past 20 years of Objectifs. The showcase charts our evolution in size and spirit, reflecting on the ways we have grown in community and verve, and how we have been shaped by the unique conditions of the Singapore arts scene and wider trends. As an independent visual arts centre focused on photography and film, Objectifs has made room for image-based art to traverse boundaries of form and function, while encouraging conversations about the manifold ways in which stories, issues, and artistic expression can bring us together.

In marking our 20th anniversary, we pay homage to the people and events that have made Objectifs possible. It is a tribute to the past and a celebration of the present, in anticipation of the future. It is an attempt to learn together, connect with each other, and enable more inclusive and diverse ways of telling stories and building communities through the power of the image.

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