EverydayClimateChange Outdoor Exhibition at Objectifs

Objectifs Courtyard 
16 March to 30 April 2017 
Tue to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun, 12pm to 4pm
Admission: Free

Part of Objectifs’ Stories That Matter 2017 programme.

EverydayClimateChange is an Instagram feed where photographers from all over the world have posted images regarding climate change. As these photographers are diverse and have different cultures, the assortment of images gathered reflects these varying perspectives. The photographs chosen illustrate the causes and effects of everyday climate change, and possible solutions that different communities are undertaking. The Instagram feed was founded by James Whitlow Delano. The exhibition made possible with the support of Yale-NUS College.
(Header image by Matilde Gattoni)

© Vlad Sokhin

© Vlad Sokhin

EverydayClimateChange photographers live on 6 continents and share photographs made on 7 continents to present visual evidence that climate change doesn’t just happen “over there” but that climate change is also happening “right here”. Photography is most powerful when it can communicate deeper meaning by freezing transience. No other medium can better reveal deeper truths, than a camera can in the hands of someone who understands its unique potential.

ECC is not a western view on climate change. Photographers come from the north, the south; the east and the west; and are as diverse as the cultures in which we were all raised. ECC presents the work of committed, enlightened photographers who share back stories, contextualizing not only the effects of climate change but also potential solutions to mitigate the effects of greenhouse gases on our world. The photographs peel back the visual layers and look more closely at the visual evidence.

The participating photographers in this exhibition include: Rodrigo Baleia | Nina Berman | Ashley Crowther | James Whitlow Delano | Sima Diab | Philipp Engelhorn | Luc Forsyth | Sean Gallagher | Matilde Gattoni | Ron Haviv | Katharina Hesse | Ed Kashi | Arati Kumar-Rao | Bernardo De Niz | Palani Mohan | John Novis | Matthieu Paley | Paolo Patrizi | Charles Pertwee | J.B. Russell | Vlad Sokhin | Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert 

© Bernardo Deniz

© Bernardo De Niz

© James Whitlow Delano

© James Whitlow Delano

This talk is part of Stories That Matter 2017. Learn more about this programme here. Don’t miss:
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