Our introductory photography course will teach you how to capture images beyond the casual snapshot!

15h over 6 sessions

Proficiency Level

Course Description
Make the most of your digital camera with this comprehensive introduction to digital photography. Comprising classroom sessions, guided shoots and group critiques, this course imparts the fundamental principles of photography and is suitable for beginners.

After completing this course, participants will be familiar with techniques of composition, understand the ‘trinity of exposure’ (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO), how to shoot in available light, and the basics of flash photography. This course sets a strong foundation for other photography workshops at Objectifs.

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Workshop Fee

This workshop is eligible for use of SkillsFuture Credit.

Amrita Chandradas
Tom White
Aparna Nori
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Next Dates

1. Thu, 19 Sep, 7.30 to 10pm
2. Sat, 21 Sep, 9 to 11.30am (Guided shoot)
3. Wed, 25 Sep, 7.30 to 10pm
4. Sat, 28 Sep, 9 to 11.30am (Guided shoot)
5. Thu, 3 Oct, 6.30 to 9pm (Guided shoot)
6. Wed, 9 Oct, 7.30 to 10pm
1. Wed, 20 Nov, 7.30 to 10pm
2. Sat, 23 Nov, 9 to 11.30am (Guided shoot)
3. Wed, 27 Nov, 7.30 to 10pm
4. Sat, 30 Nov, 9 to 11.30am (Guided shoot)
5. Wed, 4 Dec, 6.30 to 9pm (Guided shoot)
6. Sat, 7 Dec, 1 to 3.30pm

Course Overview

Session 1 (Theory)
• Introductions
• What makes a good image?
• Understanding the camera, getting familiar
• Camera handling
• Basic photographic concepts: Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
Session 2 (Guided Field Shoot)
• Putting photographic concepts into practice
• Revisiting aperture and shutter speed
• Understanding metering and using it effectively
• Review and troubleshooting
Session 3 (Theory)
• Review of images from guided shoot and class critique
• Rules of composition – how to use them and break them
• Understanding how to better use Focus
Session 4 (Guided Field Shoot)
• Working with natural light and the environment
• Understanding technical and aesthetic aspects of photography
• Getting the moment, and making it look good
• Approaching subjects
Session 5 (Guided Evening Field Shoot)
• Working with low light and artificial light
• Experimenting with different manual modes to play with light
• Understanding colour temperature/White Balance
• Finding stories in your environment
Session 6 (Editing)
• Basic digital workflow – managing and archiving your digital images
• Basic Adobe Lightroom – resizing images, cropping, levels
• The way forward – other possibilities in photography; deepening your photographic practice

Technical Requirements
Participants are to bring their own DSLRs or a prosumer digital camera like the mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) for the workshop. Participants will also have to bring their own tripods for the night photography guided shoot.

Objectifs has a limited number of cameras for loan. If you require a camera loan, please contact us at info@objectifs.com.sg after registration via the form below.

What next?
The Foundational Photography course sets a strong basis for other photography workshops at Objectifs. 

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