A photography exhibition by Maya Bhalla

Lower Gallery, Objectifs
1 November to 6 November
Tue to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun, 12pm to 4pm
Admission: Free

Maya Bhalla combines photography, ceramics and printmaking to document the lives that inhabit vacant lots around Singapore. w/underland celebrates the natural ecosystems that thrive in seemingly uninhabited spaces and which ordinarily escape our attention.

Artist statement:
On one hand, I am intrigued by our obsession with nature, and our repulsion of uncontrolled nature. We want to deal with it, but on our terms. ‘w/underland’ seeks to understand how our relationship with nature can be personal and integrated into our daily living, and sometimes what happens when it is not. When watching the rhythm of nature playing out within our small green blocks, one sees energy merely changing form. To be drawn into another world- into ‘w/underland’, is to want to understand. This is a place where one can be both big and small at the same time. I am not just the adult trespassing onto a mass of green, but also somewhere within me is the child, that awakens and plays. At some point I am no longer aware of which ‘me’ sees what it sees.
About Maya Bhalla:
Born in Mumbai, India, to an inter-faith family, Maya grew up surrounded by talk of the spiritual side of life rather than the religious. With parents who encouraged the practice of meditation and introspection at an early age, it is only fitting that her sculptures deal with the internal world of the mind and how it relates to the outside world. Her interest in Psychology, as well as Religious Studies have contribued to her desire to pair abstract elements with the human form. Maya has worked and lived in the US and has been residing in Singapore for the past eight years. She works in ceramics as well as oil painting. Visit her website here.