Women in Film & Photography 2023 Exhibition

This is my performance to counter what is happening.
There are many things in which we aren’t given a choice.
We have to accept what we have.
I carry myself in my womb to be reborn again and again,
In order to leave all the pain and trauma which was born together with me.
Even though we can’t choose, I wish to have the chance to be reborn as who I would like to be.
This is the process of our nature as well.
It is the path through which life comes.
It is also the beginning of emotional trauma.
This is the beginning of the war.
This is a genocide.
This is racial discrimination.
This is also happiness.
This is also peace.
This is also love-kindness.
This is a unification.
It’s alive again.
It’s a healing process.
This is the cycle for everything.

About Khin Thethtar Latt
Khin Thethtar Latt (b. 1990) is a multimedia artist from Yangon, Myanmar. She started out by focusing on performance art, before going on to explore using the camera as a creative medium. Today, she uses several different art media including performance, film, digital art and painting. Khin Thethtar Latt’s work explores the relationships between society, culture, gender, class, and politics. She sees herself as a storyteller, exploring and reflecting on her own roots and her own voice through the medium of visual language.

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