A group photography exhibition by the Singapore Street Photography Collective

A group photography exhibition by the Singapore Street Photography Collective

Lower Gallery, Objectifs
16 Jul to 3 Aug 2022
Free admission

Artist Talk | Sat 23 Jul, 4pm – 5pm (please RSVP here)

The title, “Why You Take My Photo?” are words commonly heard by many street photographers. Though usually meant as a challenge, it also invites us to question ourselves as well as our own motivations in this form of photography.

With its everyday approach, street photography represents an honest and authentic view of the realities that people face everyday. Over the years, the genre has developed from a simple form of documentation into a much more diverse form of photographic and artistic expression. This broad perspective is explored in this group show, introducing the works of 6 Singapore-based street photographers, from the Singapore Street Photography Collective or SGSPC. Formed in the midst of the pandemic, the collective comprises a mix of up-and-coming and experienced photographers from varying backgrounds.

From the raw and evocative black-and-white imagery by MoodyDen and Caleb Thien to the more subtle and contemplative works by Dave Cheng and Azrizal Abu Che’, each photographer showcases the world and its realities with their own personal perspectives.

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About the Singapore Street Photography Collective

Singapore Street Photography Collective, or better known as SGSPC, is a collective made of passionate individuals who are dedicated to capturing and highlighting everyday life in the streets of Singapore. SGSPC is now 9 members strong, consisting of both veterans and new photographers. SGSPC was founded by Danial Jailani and Ezdeen Esrafil in Mid July 2020.

About the photographers

Danial Jailani, who also goes by the moniker Oldboydanny, is a street photographer from Singapore. Danial has always been intrigued by the people of his city and their unnoticed habits. His paparazzi-style photographs explore the awkward and satirical aspects of Singapore.

Since starting photography after Secondary School, Azrizal Abu Che’ has developed a keen eye and interest in using photography to document the human condition and the spaces around him, in particular, urban environments. Seeking out the quieter and often overlooked moments in the city, Azrizal’s photography often focuses on the lives of the individual amidst the urban jungle of Singapore. He holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Imaging from the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Sean Tan is interested in wildlife photography in urban settings. Sean Tan is interested in looking at people and the relationship between things through a lens-based medium.

MoodyDen (Dennis Chan) has watched the world in colour since day 1. Since tapping into the world of monochrome, the world he sees has never been the same. Aside from his commercial work, he only shoots in B&W.

David Cheng hobbyist photographer who just hits the shutter button when it prompts him to.

Caleb Thien is a hobbyist artist who enjoys documenting the human condition. While his practices are similar to a street photographer’s, his subjects are often captured in a way definitive of the period’s zeitgeist. He photographs in black and white as it exposes emotions beyond the abilities of contemporary photography. His pictures are often meditative, characterised by a deep sense of quietude and timelessness.