An inclusive arts lab for kids by kids

By Superhero Me
Chapel Gallery, Objectifs
16 Sep to 7 Oct 2017
Tue to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun, 12pm to 4pm
Admission is free

Gatherings are at the heart of this art lab, where plates of art serve up an invitation to create, question and work with others from all walks of life. On our journey towards an inclusive society, we have realised inclusion – very much like cooking – has no fixed formula. It is always in-the-works, driven by a persistent courage and effort to reach out to others different from us. What a boring dinner party it would be otherwise, if we were all the same!

Over the past few months, children from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance School, MINDS Lee Kong Chian Gardens School, AWWA Kindle Garden and Superhero Me’s regular Saturday group have created artworks that will help transform the Chapel Gallery into a dinner party!

Who’s coming to dinner? is a social experiment to encourage public discourse about inclusion and experience how natural it can be once we take the first step towards it. This is a rare opportunity to shape the direction of an inclusive childhood in Singapore, as the government studies inclusive education models over the next few years to strengthen support for people with disabilities.

For more information on Superhero Me, visit their facebook page.

Header image credit: Superhero Me