Date: 16 April 2016, Sat
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: Lower Gallery, Objectifs
Admission: Free event, but pre-registration via Peatix is required:

Facilitated by Artist-Curator Jay Koh, this discussion will introduce open processes to explore the knowledge structures that organise experiences of working in public with individuals and groups. Can we develop a progressive praxis that can be open and reciprocal to the integrity, autonomy and social connection between individuals? Can an aesthetics be developed that incorporate prerequisite processes that are responsive to and acknowledge the same?

The discussion will cover dynamic understanding, closed and open systems, issues of regressive and reductive attitudes and cognitive bias; and how they impact the process of knowledge construction. It will draw from and engage with the various experiences of working in the Brack and Unseen projects and questions that arose from discussions carried out during Unseen events.

About Jay Koh

Jay Koh, born in Singapore with German citizenship, identifies himself as a Southeast Asian artist and curator with a multifaceted practice that seeks responsive, dialogical and critical engagement with others. He believes that current dominant knowledge systems need to incorporate practice (knowledge acquired through everyday experience and social actions) and be centred more on relational and reciprocal exchanges between subjects in the process of developing meanings and actions. Koh’s art-led practice is based on critical processes of dialogical participation in durational intersubjective engagements, where he works within a network of relationships and shared ownership. He is interested to promote processes that examine difference, reveal tension, acknowledge need of answerability and mediate negotiated outcomes.

Koh is the founding director of iFIMA (international Forum for InterMedia Art) and has been involved in residencies across Europe and Asia, with IASPIS in Sweden, HIAP in Helsinki, and in Cologne (arting), Dublin (Red Stables), Shanghai (Bizart), Singapore (TAV) and Yangon (NICA). In the last few years he has been working mostly in Ireland, taking on additional roles as an evaluator, mediator and mentor in public participatory art, education and resource development activities.