Exploring transcendental experiences through abstractions and minimalism

By Sookoon Ang

3 Nov to 27 Nov 2022
Lower Gallery, Objectifs
Free admission

Tue to Sat, 12pm – 7pm, Sun 12pm – 4pm
Closed on Mondays and public holidays
Free admission

Opening | Thu 3 Nov, 7pm – 9pm

Artist Talk with Sookoon Ang | Sat 5 Nov, 3pm – 4pm at Objectifs Workshop Space (Please RSVP here)

TRUE TRUTH explores transcendental experiences through abstractions and minimalism. The center of the exhibition is a triptych video installation which breaks down a landscape of sky, forest and lake into 3 disjointed textures. Also within the same space is a series of ceramic sculptures passing off as abstract colour field paintings; each devoid of obvious subject matter. This new collection of artworks produced in different mediums seeks to represent enigmatic forms.  

The exhibition shifts between two and three dimensional forms with objects passing from light to  obscurity, opacity to translucency, suggests ideas of the instability of existence, variable perceptions as well as space within space. Through pared language, the artworks demonstrate metaphysical concepts and sublimity where absence is employed to redefine presence, void evokes vastness, materiality transforms into immateriality.  

The titles of the artworks offers poetic suggestions, hinting latent emotions within the sparse visual  expression. The exhibition also acts as an antinomy to a time-obsessed culture by offering a  decelerated space, almost to a stand-still. Through its minimalist and abstract language, it also  deviates from rapid and loaded imagery of modern communication.

About Sookoon Ang

Sookoon Ang is an artist living and working in Singapore and Paris. Underpinning her work is existential anxiety and the desire to represent the condition of flux and momentariness. Centring around intangibles and their co-existence with the rational world, Ang creates from a fundamental belief that there is no singular, objective reality and responses to the transient and imperfect nature of things, emotions and ideas.

Her work has been exhibited internationally in Palais de Tokyo, Beijing Biennale, Art Basel Hong Kong, International Film Festival Rotterdam, International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, and Fribourg International Film Festival. The artist has also been awarded several international fellowships including the Freeman Fellowship and Asia-Pacific fellowship. The residencies Sookoon Ang has participated are the Rijksakademie, MASS MoCA and ISCP to name a few.