Photographs by Kerryn 'Kiki' Salter and Beatrice Morel

Featuring works by Kerryn ‘Kiki’ Salter & Beatrice Morel
Curated by Lydia Chan

Lower Gallery, Objectifs
28 Sep to 10 Oct 2021 
Free admission 

There She Goes is a visual dialogue between lens-based artists Kerryn ‘Kiki’ Salter and Beatrice Morel, which explores the constant movement and fluidity in female expressions. Beyond showing how photography can help to convey emotions without words, process complex feelings, and deliver a visible sense of relief, the exhibition seeks to subvert the systemic dismissal of female emotions.

Both exhibiting artists use the camera as a paintbrush and as a means of emotional processuality, but with very different results: for Morel, this involves capturing the power and immediacy of raw, unedited emotions at a given moment, and for Salter, a chance to reframe, reorder or invent a controlled external image that calms an inner turmoil.

Also intended as a dialogue between the artists and viewers, There She Goes aims to evoke discussions on the feminine perspective and to highlight the universal, while subjective, quality in the experiences women go through in terms of biological processes, societal stigmas, cultural repressions and overbearing stereotypes.

About the artists

Beatrice Morel (b. 1970, France) is first and foremost a painter but she has also explored sculpture, pottery and photography. Her work has been exhibited in the art space of Sofitel BKC Mumbai (solo exhibition15 States of Mind, 24 Oct – 28 Nov 2017).

Beatrice graduated from NTU’s MA in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices in 2020 and is currently working as a freelance curator. She is a member of the Of Limits Collective which recently organised a regional showcase of six artists from Southeast Asia, held at Stamford Arts Centre (Of Limits, 3-30 Mar 2020). Of Limits Collective were the recipient of the 2020 Platform Projects Curatorial Award, overseen by NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore.

Kerryn Salter (b. 1977, Australia) is a “paintographer” and poet with a background in visual art, design and creative writing. Her poetry, printmaking and photography have been included in literary journals, invited online portfolios, award showcases, and in group exhibitions – most recently Storytelling through Photography (2018) at Objectifs and Plant AM Plant PM (till 3 Oct 2021) at Room 14.

Kerryn is currently pursuing an MA in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices at NTU with a focus on exhibition conceptualisation. Earlier this year, she helped create a virtual reality exhibition for a sustainable art and fashion initiative (#artisansingapore). Kerryn is also studying studio photography at NAFA and busily working on her first monograph Urban Patina, which includes photographs from this exhibition.

About the curator

Lydia Chan (b. 1989, Singapore) was born in Singapore and raised in the United States and is interested in marrying Eastern and Western values when it comes to art and philosophy. She seeks to interrogate cultural and societal perceptions of the marginalised through active discourses, art, and the written word.

She is currently a part-time student pursuing an MA in Museum Studies and Curatorial Practices at NTU. There She Goes is her first foray into the art scene.