The VH AWARD is organised by Hyundai Motor Group
This exhibition is in partnership with the National Arts Council, held as part of the Singapore Art Week 
Curated by Objectifs

21 Jan to 4 Feb 2024
Lower Gallery, Objectifs
Opening: 20 Jan 2024, 5pm

This exhibition is rated M18 (Sexual References)

The 5th VH AWARD Exhibition presents the works by Grand Prix recipient Subash Thebe Limbu (b. 1981, Dharan), as well as award finalists Zike He (b. 1990, Guiyang), Riar Rizaldi (b. 1990, Bandung), Su Hui-Yu (b. 1976, Taipei) and zzyw (founded in 2017, based in New York).

The works examine novel approaches to our interaction with technology, encompassing a wide range of topics such as social and environmental concerns, the emergence of artificial intelligence, and the formation of identities that transcend historical boundaries. The artists explore speculative prospects for contemplating time, humanity, and cross-cultural collaboration, alongside unique perspectives on the future and the intersection of art and technology.

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About the VH AWARD

The VH AWARD is Asia’s leading award platform for emerging media artists. Initiated in 2016, the VH AWARD has supported artists who have engaged with the context of Asia and its future. The award stems from Hyundai Motor Group’s commitment to activating the intersections of art and technology through cross-cultural research and interdisciplinary artistic expressions.