Featuring works by Antonius Cong, Cynthie Renata, Ernest Seah, Gareth Phua, and Grace Angel

Lower Gallery, Objectifs
26 Oct to 6 Nov 2021 
Free admission 

For physical attendance, either walk-in or RSVP in advance via tinyurl.com/ct21physical

This exhibition is organised with the support of NAFA Collaborative Lab and Objectifs.

Surviving in the Concrete Jungle presents five Singapore-based artists with their aspirations and mediums interpreting this worldwide plague. This exhibition features relevant social issues, such as work-from-home, interaction within public spaces, changing function of living spaces, dis-course of working space and dynamic shift of emotions. The exhibition’s curatorial framework focuses on the response of the artists towards their experience and synthesis of ideas during the pandemic, thus translating their thoughts into their body of works.

“This exhibition brings about multitude of interpretation and medium-of-choice, which plays a vital role in promoting diversity and showcasing the artistic exploration within the pandemic. Audiences are expected to be enriched with discourse of subject matter within the artwork and relate with the narrative within the various body of works.”
– Ernest Seah, Curator and Exhibition Lead

Stay tuned for updates on their Instagram @concrete_tree21 for opportunities to interact with the artists, thus providing a better understanding of the exhibition prior to visiting the physical space. 

About the artists

Antonius Cong
Deeply influenced by the dynamic things in life, Antonius Cong sees himself as a street explorer with a love for the physical exploration of places. The narrative in his works are born from culmination of his travels and post-trip reflection, allowing a synthesis of context. He aspires to unravel stories that matter.

Cynthie Renata
Cynthie Renata is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist based in Singapore. Her area of expertise consists of illustrations, video editing and UI/UX Design. In her current project, she combines her illustration and video editing skills to create animation. A challenge that she has never done before.

Ernest Seah
A seasoned performer and educator, recently return-ing to Singapore after completing his MFA from Norwich University of the Arts in the UK. Having participated in the Luxembourg Art Prize and Berlin Light Festival in 2020, Seah is a Harvard Book Prize Artist who is constantly sharing his experiences and inspirations through Art, Design & Education.

Gareth Phua
Gareth is a Singapore-based photographer and educator, who first picked up photography in 1994, initially to help in his graphic design degree course. He has always had an interest in cityscapes and architecture, but it was a photography mentorship programme in 2014 that inspired him to focus his photography on documenting the fast changing urban landscape of Singapore.

Grace Angel
Grace Angel is an Indonesian-born multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Singapore. Her current projects focus on restoring the lost and forgotten memories of the time before and after
the pandemic. Mostly discussing the issues of restriction of the ‘Xs ’that are often seen during this pandemic. 
 Her work looks into the thematic exploration of both inhabited and abandoned spaces, slowly 
 moving into tackling the complex issues of abandonment and memory in the current context of society.

About NAFA Collaborative Lab
The NAFA Collaborative Lab supports passionate graduates and practitioners across the creative arts and design through collaborations, with the aim to promote deeper student-staff-alumni-industry engagement in innovative practices.  With its inaugural inception on 2020, this initiative is aimed to realising artistic ideas which may involve cross-disciplinary discourse and activities. Under the umbrella of NAFA Teaching & Learning Centre, the collaborative lab invites projects and activities that are meaningful to the public and the NAFA community.