Singapore neighbourhoods through a fresh lens

Featuring works by Antonius Cong, Medha Nogaja, Jenny Ho, Alessandra Nardin, Koay Saw Lan & Students of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School
Presented by Objectifs for Arts in Your Neighbourhood 2021
Mentored by Deanna Ng & Marc Nair
11 Nov to 31 Dec 2021
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What if you could see your neighbourhood in a new light – even if you’ve lived there for years? Explore the visual diaries of residents aged 14 to 70 as they find joy and beauty in daily rhythms, buildings, animals, and people that shape their neighbourhoods. Examine how shifting their focus to search for new things, helped them to discover new worlds and appreciate familiar ones.

Guided by photographer Deanna Ng and multidisciplinary artist Marc Nair through a series of photography and creative writing workshops, participants learnt to combine images and the written word in meaningful and creative ways. They also worked closely with the instructors on the curation of the show.

Enjoy the exhibition, and who knows, like them, you may learn to notice something new in your routine.

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About Arts In Your Neighbourhood
Arts in Your Neighbourhood is an initiative by the National Arts Council that brings enriching arts experiences to everyone at their doorsteps. With programmes inspired by their very own neighbourhoods, audiences can look forward to a diverse mix of arts offerings by established artists at various spaces across the island.

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Deanna Ng is a photographer and educator.

Marc Nair is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist.