Learn to create your own personal zine with Your Local Newsstand

3h over 1 session

Proficiency Level

Dates & Time
Sat, 8 June 2024, 2 to 5pm (Class is full. Please email info@objectifs.com.sg if you would like to be added to the waitlist. Thank you!)

Objectifs Workshop Space

Course Description
Have you ever dreamed of creating your own personal zine but felt unsure where to begin? This workshop is designed to offer a thorough introduction to the art of personal zine-making, with a special focus on the merging of photography and storytelling within the zine format.

Over the course of three hours, participants will be guided through various approaches and techniques, initiating their journey into photo sequencing and zine construction. Participants will be able to explore the rich history of zines, discuss the significance of personal expression within the zine culture, and learn about different construction methods and materials to bring your zine to life. The final outcome of the zine will be an A5 Portrait/Landscape zine. 

All participants will also receive a Build Your Own Zine kit that they will get to take home, along with the end product(s) which they create during the session.

Additionally, an optional sharing session will be organised at a later date after the workshop, providing participants with an opportunity to showcase their finished creations.

This workshop is a collaboration between Objectifs and Your Local Newsstand.

Workshop fee

Huda Azzis

Participants will need to have an existing photography project (about 20-30 images) of their own. The project must be a personal project and can range from travel, family archives to documentary photography. 

All other materials will be provided for this workshop. Participants will each be provided a mini Build Your Own Zine kit that they can bring home.

About Your Local Newsstand 

Your Local Newsstand is an independent publishing group based in Singapore specialising in producing and publishing photography based imprints. Their goal is to provide a platform for photographers to explore photography through the medium of zines and other printed matters. On its own, zines and photography are both visual formats. By combining these two formats together, photozines become something special for both the creator and the audience. Just like how a photography project exist differently in a physical exhibition or in a moving image, zines – they exist in your hands. By merging, colliding and making zines and photography exist with and within each other, it is well in their motto to keep prints in your hands.

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