Lower Gallery, Objectifs
13 Aug to 23 Sept 2015
Tues to Sat, 12pm to 7pm / Sun, 12pm to 4pm
Artist talk: 16 Sept (Wed), 730pm to 830pm (Free, open to public – register here)

Singaporelang — What the Singlish? is a photography series by Singaporean photographer
Zinkie Aw, that functions like a Visual Singlish Dictionary.

At this interactive exhibition, viewers get to ‘Guess the Singlish’ and give meaning to each
scene photographed. It is akin to playing Charades, via each viewer filling-in-the-blanks on what
each environmental portrait entails to him or her. More often than not, the ‘answers’ are not
contained to just a single Singlish catchphrase for each photo illustration.

Accompanying these photographs is an attempt to piece together some dictionary terms of this
peculiar Singapore English dialect, thereby questioning the idea of what, or who really makes a

Let the visuals speak to you, and have fun!

Paiseh © Zinkie Aw

Paiseh © Zinkie Aw

About Zinkie Aw

Singaporean photographer Zinkie Aw often photographs habits: Habits of people, habits of a
society for her choice of conceptual work. She believes every click of the shutter, be it instinctive
or deliberated, is an observation of life via photography.
Her documentary and conceptual photo series are flamboyant ways in which she thinks aloud,
and these concern issues that are close to her heart that she wants to share with the world.
These works are the precipitation of careful introspection she has day-to-day, and reactions to
the society that she lives in.
Zinkie’s photos have been published in The Sunday Times (UK), Kult Magazine, Catalog
(Singapore), Weekend Weekly (HK), L a V i e (Taiwan) etc. and also featured in
various online news like Invisible Photographer Asia, Designboom.com, PetaPixel, PSFK and
other feature sites. Her works have also also exhibited in the Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris
exhibition (2013), Galeri Petronas in Kuala Lumpur (2013) and Goodsman Arts Centre, ION
Orchard and Ngee Ann City locally. Additionally, she has also been selected to attend the
Angkor Photo Workshop (2012), and also garnered Honourable Mentions (Lifestyle; Deeper
Perspective categories) in the International Photography Awards (2013).
For more info: http://awzinkie.com/photos/index.html or www.singaporelang.rocks

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