Shooting Home Class of 2014 Reunion Show

20 Aug to 13 Sep 2015
Artistry Cafe, 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149
Tue to Fri, 9am to 11pm / Sat, 930am to 1130pm / Sun, 930am to 4pm

Any Other City is a photographic exploration of place in the form of the inescapable city. With the unraveling of migratory threads and its accompanying transience, contemporary cities offer a confluence of greetings for the visitor: anonymity, boredom, secrets, space, among others. The works interpret life in concrete, from architectural renderings of a physical landscape to emotional responses to our urban psyche.

Participating artists include: Charmaine Poh, Hester Tan, John YM Tan, Kwok Jia-Xin, Nadir Mehadji, Ng Hui Hsien, Saifuddin Jalil and Shyue Woon.