15h over 6 sessions

Workshop Fee
$390 (Eligible for use of SkillsFuture Credit)

Next Dates
3 Nov to 15 Dec 2018 (Group A), by Ellery Ngiam (View Profile)

Course Description
A good story and script are the foundation of all successful films. Designed for the beginner screenwriter with little or no film or television experience, this workshop aims to build a solid foundation in screenwriting through a blend of lectures and writing exercises.

Taking the short film as a starting point, participants will learn about crafting their stories and ideas into screenplays with interesting characters and compelling plots. Participants will learn the fundamentals of the 3-act narrative structure, visual storytelling, and how to craft dialogue and characters for the screen. The learning experience is enhanced by online critique and discussion of writing exercises, in between class sessions. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a completed first draft for a short film (up to 10 pages).


• What makes a good script
• Structure and elements of a screenplay
• Beats, outlines, treatments, synopses and loglines
• Reviewing short film clips
• Pitching exercise
• Set-up, exposition and backstory
• Themes • Visual storytelling
• Setting and character
• Reviewing films
• Plot developments, escalating conflict, stakes
• Writing compelling characters, dialogue and subtext
• Story and character arcs
• Set ups/pay offs, causality
• Sequences
• Pacing, rhythm
• Climax
• Resolution, denouement, deus ex machina
• How to rewrite, generate new ideas and receive critique
• Exercises to improve writing

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Workshop fee:
$390 (Eligible for use of SkillsFuture Credit)




Group A – 3 Nov to 15 Dec 2018
By Ellery Ngiam (Instructor Profile)
This workshop takes place over six sessions as follows totalling 15h of instruction time.

#1 Sat 3 Nov 3pm to 5.30pm
#2 Sat 10 Nov 3pm to 5.30pm
#3 Sat 17 Nov 3pm to 5.30pm
Please note there is no class on Sat 24 Nov.
#4 Sat 1 Dec 3pm to 5.30pm
#5 Sat 8 Dec 3pm to 5.30pm
#6 Sat 15 Dec 3pm to 5.30pm