At Objectifs, we believe in the important role that visual literacy and communication plays in cultivating well rounded individuals. Since 2003, Objectifs has reached out to over 30,000 students. Our film and photography workshops are endorsed by the National Arts Council under its Art Education progamme.

Schools that we have worked with recently include:

• Anglo-Chinese JC
• Cedar Girls’ Secondary School
• Chung Cheng High School
• Compassvale Secondary School
• Crescent Girls’ School
• Deiyi Secondary School
• Greenview Secondary School
• Hwa Chong Institution
• Innova Junior College

• ITE Colleges
• Nanyang Junior College
• NUS High School
• Peicai Secondary School
• School of the Arts
• Singapore American School
• Singapore Sports School
• Singapore University of Social Sciences
• Raffles Institution  

• Raffles Girls’ Secondary
• Tanjong Katong Girls’ Secondary
• Temasek Junior College
• Woodlands Ring Secondary School
• Xinmin Secondary School
• Yishun Secondary School
• Yuhua Secondary School
• YST Conservatory of Music
• Zhonghua Secondary School


Students are introduced to basic photography concepts through lectures and hands-on practice. They will work on a personal project, which will help them express themselves visually. We are also able to incorporate Events Photography for students who cover school events.


Students will learn how to use photography as a tool in basic visual communication, which can be applied to other aspects of their studies including project presentation and effective pitching. Students will also be introduced to basic photography and simple image editing.

Students will learn visual storytelling by putting together their own photo essay. They will shoot, edit and present their images, which could be in the form of a documentary project or a fine art project. Projects that have been undertaken previously include stories on school life, family and social issues.


Students are taken through the process of idea generation, developing a script and storyboard, production and editing to complete their own short film. We are able to further customise the workshop to focus on different genres, such as videojournalism, experimental films, music videos etc.



Students will learn how to think creatively, find, research and explore ideas, develop a film concept and write a detailed visual, sound and narrative treatment. Time permitting, students will also work on dialogue, character bios and a short film script.


Students can enjoy screening of 4 to 5 local short films that are selected based on content, merit and suitability for a young audience, that offer a better understanding of our heritage and culture, and encourage an appreciation for film and visual culture. This is usually an assembly programme.


Apart from the above offerings, we can also customise workshops or talks based on the needs of your staff or club members. For more information, please contact us at 6336 2957 or email Ming Rui at