Sculpture Society (Singapore) 20th Anniversary Show

Presented by Sculpture Society (Singapore)

Chapel Gallery, Objectifs
2 to 12 Sep 2021
Free admission

Sculpture Society Singapore’s (SSS) 20th Anniversary Show, titled ReTHINGing: Sculpture in Singapore 2021, plans to be one of the society’s most important shows in two decades. It will showcase a series of exhibitions at various venues and will feature the artworks of SSS members, non-members, and invited artists. With the grand theme ReTHINGing, a broad range of artworks will be presented at the different locations to explore the current state of sculptural and three-dimensional practice in Singapore.

This exhibition aims to explore the interesting relationship between sculpture and photography. Since the emergence of photography, sculpture was not only deeply impacted by it in terms of its design, reception, interpretation, and manner of display, but was also widely integrated with the 3 dimensional works of the Western avant garde artists. In recent years, photographers began to take interest in the notion of “materiality” – possibly spurred by the waning of analogue photography and the proliferation of digital image-making, against a backdrop where artists’ tactile relationship to their material has either dwindled or altered in the digital age. On a different but important note, also important for SSS is that Objectifs is formerly the Sculpture Square where SSS was founded. It is also the venue for its inaugural exhibition The Round Show in 2002.

The exhibition at the Objectifs will focus on artworks that investigates the status of the art object, sculptural materiality, relation of sculpture and photography, or the physicality of photography, etc, within the seemingly ephemeral, digitized world. It will include art forms that are sculptural, 3 dimensional, or is a photographic, video, or digital work that addresses the theme.

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