By Sun Koh

Presence is a 360 film which places the viewer in the presence of a family that is witnessing the death of a loved one at home. The title also refers to the most important yet overlooked aspect of caring for a dying person. One can provide the best palliative care by hiring professionals and ensuring material comfort, but it is your presence that will make all the difference to a dying person.

Palliative care for the terminally ill is a nuanced profession which requires enormous empathy and people management skills. While caring and fighting for the rights and dignity of a dying patient, a palliative care worker has to meet the demands of the patient’s family members who are often their employers. Family members are by default also caregivers. The difference lies in the latter’s relationship with the dying patient and family dynamics, which can affect the welfare of the very person they are caring for.

Artist Biography

Sun Koh is an award-winning filmmaker whose films have competed and screened in more than 30 film festivals worldwide. She has worked across countries such as Singapore, China and Sweden, and her filmography is a diverse mix of format, genres and styles including short films, TV movies, omnibus features, documentary films and music videos both commissioned and independent. She received the National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award in 2010.


Special thanks to the Singapore Hospice Council, Hospice Care Association, Nectar Care Services and the various individuals who stepped forward to offer their personal expertise and experience for the benefit of our production.

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