An investigation of mountainous landscapes observed at various nature reserves in Singapore. Once a vital source of granite during the building boom in the 1970s, these mountains have since ceased they’re function and taken on a new identity.

These “Mountains” across Singapore stand as historic testaments and witnesses in the shifts of national agenda. Charting its transformation from material resource to man-made phenomenon; redirecting its surveyor’s gaze from the urban reality to a temporary dream.

This edition of The Mountain Survey has been completely redesigned and revised to fit the artist’s intention, with the help of a designer.

About Marvin Tang
Marvin Tang works with images, videos and installations to manifest his research. Surveying the peripherals of historicity and evolving social policies, his practice examines systems of power and resistance.

About Gwendolyn Say
Gwendolyn Say is a final year student at the School of Art, Design and Media at NTU. She is a designer who’s also interested in illustration, interactive media and image-making. She hopes to explore the ways in which these different forms can intersect and complement each other. She is passionate about the good that design and art can contribute to our world, and is constantly looking for ways to integrate art and life in meaningful ways.

About A Different Reading

A Different Reading is a project by THEBOOKSHOW that attempts to open up new dialogues and synergies between young creatives of varied background, training and knowledge through the process of creating a new artist book. Bringing together 5 young artists and 4 young designers, under the mentorship of Hanson Ho of H55 and artist Ang Song Nian, each artist-designer pair produces a new art book that was launched at the Singapore Art Book Fair 2022.


THEBOOKSHOW aims to become a mediator between the art world and the general public through the book medium. It acts as an avenue for artists to showcase self-published art books in exhibitions and art festivals in hopes to bring upon renewed perspectives of the medium. We believe very much in challenging the medium – moving away from its conventional form and exploring the vast possibilities the medium allows. In time, we seek to build a substantial database advocating that the book form as an art in and of itself, harnessing this non-discriminatory medium to reach new audiences and connecting the arts community through exhibitions and activities centring the art book, establishing THEBOOKSHOW to be synonymous with the presentation of art books and working towards our eventual goal of building a thriving, all inclusive arts culture.

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BY Marvin Tang
DESIGNED BY Gwendolyn Say
YEAR 2022
DETAILS Part of the project, A Different Reading
18.5 x 24.6cm, 140pp
First Edition of 200 copies

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