Street Report 4 – Seatings


Seatings are not necessarily chairs, in the way they do not always have legs or a backrest, but if they do, they may be appropriating something that was once designed to be a chair. They need not even be sat on and could be used to hold items. This fourth study in the Street Report series looks at ways people invent chairs or even the act of sitting itself in the streets. Some of them reinforce common notions of a seat but many challenge or question it.

About Street Report

Street Report is an ongoing project of detailed accounts or statements describing events and situations on the street by a Street Reporter, usually as the result of observation and inquiry. Initiated by Atelier HOKO, Faiz Bin Zohri, Cathy Hang, and gideon-jamie.

About gideon-jamie

gideon-jamie is a two-people studio designing and producing books, publications, and objects in close relation to writing, publishing, teaching, and running a small space for exhibitions and workshops. As designers, they have a particular interest in the (un)designed and improvised in everyday life.

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BY Street Report
YEAR 2023
DESIGNED BY gideon-jamie
REPORTED BY gideon-jamie
PUBLISHED BY Temporary Press
DETAILS 12.6 × 17.6 cm
144 p, offset printed in 75 lpi
First edition of 1000
ISBN  9789811868504


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