STAIRCASES by Khiev Kanel


Staircases looks at the White Building in Phonm Penh, Cambodia, which has since been demolished to make way for a casino. The seemingly unassuming site raises questions of capitalism, urban development, socioeconomics and geopolitics.

Against the backdrop of rapid development and influx of capital from foreign and local sources, Kanel Khiev’s photographs bear witness to the unrelenting changes and its effect on the place and its people.

The staircase as a building structure leading from one place to another parallels the idea of the transience of this community, which has been displaced for projects deemed more important.

About Khiev Kanel

Khiev Kanel (b. 1988, Phnom Penh, Cambodia) graduated in Computer Science and Auditing but turned to photography in 2013. He uses photography, moving image, and performance art to document and tell stories of personal, environmental and social issues. His personal work expresses self-depression from the loss of family members which could resonate with other people who experience similar issues. His other strand of work concerns social oppression, social justice and human rights, including the problems generated by urbanisation and environmental degradation such as eviction, land rights and pollution (water, air, noise, and light).

About Nope Fun

Nope Fun is an independent publisher and platform based in Singapore focusing on photography and contemporary image making.

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BY Khiev Kanel
YEAR 2019
COUNTRY Singapore
DETAILS Softcover – 260gsm (woodfree), Inner Page – 100gsm (woodfree), 48pp
Saddle stitch binding
29cm x 20cm
First edition of 100

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