Sim Lim Square Art Residency


Facing the imminent threat of en-bloc, coupled with dwindling sales and a notorious reputation with tourists, timber turned electronics hub Sim Lim Square is a melding of national and transnational labour and affects, visible and invisible networks, trendy and obsolete goods; all etched in the Singaporean subconscious. Set against Singapore’s rapid adoption of digital technologies, this post-event catalogue documents the 3-week Sim Lim Square Art Residency organised by INTER–MISSION in 2018, held at the city’s ‘tech’ mecca, which aims to code and recode perspectives surrounding art, technology and space.


INTER-MISSION is an art collective dedicated to discourses of technology in art. We aim to inhabit the gap between technologically engaged artworks, artists and audiences.

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CONTRIBUTORS Andreas Schlegel, Debbie Ding, Eom Jeongwon, Horizon99, Johann Yamin, Ko Tzu-An, Liew Kai Khiun, so-far, soft/WALL/studs, INTER–MISSION, W. Y. Huang, Weixin Quek Chong. Edited by Samantha Yap.
YEAR 2018
DETAILS 105 x 148 x 17mm
Perfect bind
ISBN: 9789811420016