Faeryville (Collector’s Edition)


Set in an alternate universe, in FAERYVILLE college, a group of teen misfits struggle to find themselves and make sense of their bullied teenhood. They decide that there is no reason in trying to ‘fit-in’ — choosing instead to be willing misfits calling themselves The Nobodies. Now, what’s their plan? Frankly, The Nobodies have no idea — until Laer, a transfer student, joins the clique and inspires them to take their fight to the establishment. Faeryville was the winner of Best Original Story at the Jefferson State Flixx Fest in 2015.

About Tzang Merwyn Tong

Tzang Merwyn Tong is an independent script writer/ film director behind award winning films like e’Tzaintes (2003), A Wicked Tale (2005) and V1K1 – A Techno Fairytale (2011). Tzang’s films are characterised by his rather offbeat style, often set in a surreal environment, incorporating elements of fairytale and comic fantasy.

A Wicked Tale premiered to a sold-out crowd at the 2005 Rotterdam International Film Festival, and was selected to be the Closing Night Film at the Montreal FanTasia Film Fesitval. V1K1 – an Indie Sci Fi, won the Gold Remi Award at the Houston WorldFest 2011. A maverick with his own brand of uncanny-ness, Tzang represents a new voice in alternative cinema.

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DIRECTOR Tzang Merwyn Tong
COUNTRY Singapore
YEAR 2015
GENRE Drama, rated M18
DURATION 97 mins
LANGUAGE With English subtitles

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