Deep Field Cinema (2021) is a three-day online screening and collaboration by Hothouse with Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo (IAFT) that looks into the present and future conditions of image-making and image-discovering. It investigates where media and technology can take us, particularly in the current global situation of remote working, living and surviving, as well as digitally connecting with each other across geo-political and socio-political spectrums. The publication further serves as an omnibus of the conversations and works generated by past collaborators with Hothouse.

About Hothouse

Hothouse is a space in Singapore that supports and prototypes artistic practices. It nurtures experimentation and production as a mode of upending conventions and liberating inquiry. Founded in 2020, it is housed within space and time shared between art collective INTER–MISSION, design agency Currency, and more recently, research lab formAxioms.

This ever-evolving interdisciplinary setup encompasses expertise across contemporary art, technology, design, and architecture, allowing for emancipatory approaches toward knowledge building and dissemination.

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CONTRIBUTORS Cécile Chagnaud, Chong Lii, Jake Tan & Ernest Wu, INTER–MISSION, Irina Aristarkhova, Rafaël, Rafi Abdullah, Sung Nam Han, Tan Kai Syng, Tasman Richardson, Toh Hun Ping, Yeyoon Avis Ann
YEAR 2021
DETAILS 105 x 148 x 30mm
Perfect bind
ISBN: 9789811818974

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