A Jar of TraditionRed Packets by Achates


Food, glorious food, has always been something that bonds people together. During Chinese New Year, what could be a more prosperous combination than food and red packets? The Jar of Tradition red packet series comprises 8 popular local festive new year snacks from various cultures. Each set of red packets is creatively “contained” in a ubiquitous traditional red covered cookie jar, with the key ingredient of each snack featured on the inner side of the red packet. The designs of the traditional snacks are so life-like, we don’t blame you for reaching out for them.

About the photographer

With more than 17+ years of experience, a detailed eye for colours and the exceptional ability to make images come to life, Bene Tan is a self-taught photographer who ingeniously invented his very own photography and lighting techniques to capture every essence in a single shot.

Widely known for his food and still life photography, Bene has gained world recognition on the global platform with multiple wins from the International Photography Awards, One Eyeland Photography Awards, and the Master Photography Awards.

His experience as a graphic and web designer allows Bene to be able to envision the entire advertising process.

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DESIGNER Achates 360
DETAILS Size: 100mm x 168mm
Red packet size: 90mm x 110mm
Material: PVC Casing, Pearlescent Paper Printed Red Packet
Comes in a set of 8 postcards

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