THE SAUCE #1 – SOIL zine by Foodscape Pages


An independent journazine on food, community and inspirations, The Sauce gathers voices from the foodscape in Singapore and the bioregion to document and highlight stories about and around food in relation to our selves, community, society, and the planet. The issue includes longform writings, interviews, photoessays, personal letters and an artist’s feature.

The inaugural issue focuses on Soil – a matter that is the foundation to growing nourishing food. Soil is not only biophysical; it is also social, and so we explore it – from tidbits on soil science and history, to personal journeys in composting, essays on our relationships with soil, an article on growing method, and interviews with farmers on their regenerative practices; this labour of love took a village in the making to complete, with beautiful illustrations and layout design.

About Foodscape Pages
Foodscape Pages is an independent online publication that celebrates original stories of food for people and planet.

Emerging during a time of transition and transformation, we hold space for stories to surface and new narratives to be created. As we experience one of the most polarised and disconnected times of our century, we look to nurturing and nourishing spaces where we can fully and safely express our inner voices that can guide us in weaving reconnections to ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Through writings of all forms, short videos, photography, podcasts published online, and long-form writing published in The Sauce Magazine, Pages aims to gather the seemingly scattered voices of the citizens actively engaged in finding alternative solutions from the ground up, realise the power of community to confront and face the current global climate crisis and co-create a world that is built on love, trust, peace and genuine relationships.

Foodscape Pages is an editorially independent initiative of Foodscape Collective.

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PUBLISHED BY Foodscape Pages
EDITORIAL TEAM Vivian Lee, Huiying Ng, Lim Sixian
FEATURING CONTRIBUTIONS BY Ang Ee Peng, Edmund Gan, Debbie Han, Michael Lee, Vivian Lee, Derrick Lim, Lim Sixian, Thomas Lim, Ong Chun Yeow, Ng Hui Hsien, Huiying Ng, Pui Cuifen, Tan Hang Chong, Tang Hung Bun, Toh Huiran, Woon Tien Wei
ILLUSTRATION Lotte Verstappen
YEAR 2020
DETAILS Softcover, 91pp

21.8 x 28.5  cm


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