A panel featuring Singapore photographers and creatives

Tues 19 Jun 2018, 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Objectifs Lower Gallery 
Admission: Free
Speakers: Lenne Chai, Khoo Guojie, Yan Da

Photography collective PLATFORM returns with another session of show and share. These sessions are aimed at bringing the photography community and like-minded individuals together for an evening of sharing and discussion, to inspire and foster collaboration.

The PLATFORM sessions take place on a bi-monthly basis at Objectifs.

In June, PLATFORM will feature fashion photographer Lenne Chai and Khoo Guojie, and creative Yan Da from Do Not Design, who will speak on designing photo books and image-making.

Lenne Chai is a Singaporean photographer and director who once fell into the sea while photographing Lily Cole. She’s worked with brands such as SK-II, Canon Asia, H&M, Puma and RMK, just to name a few. Her work has been featured in publications such as Teen VogueNYLON, Elle Girl, Harper’s Bazaar, V MAN and more. Lenne enjoys creating with her own two hands, constructing sets and props to weave stories out of photographs.

Khoo Guojie is a photographer whose is curious about architectural forms, spaces, and objects. He has a strong sense of the need to explore and experiment with the way we see the world in a cinematic fashion.

Yan Da is an artist at heart. He design writes sometimes, used to blog at theartistandhismodel.com and dabbles into publishing, edits, even codes and iconically designs. He runs DO NOT DESIGN, a strategic branding and design consultancy with a team of specialists working together to create compelling ideas for brands, organisations and causes. His team at DO NOT DESIGN find the most interesting stories to tell in the most interesting way to drive consumer engagement and awareness across the areas of print, online and spaces.

For the latest updates on PLATFORM’s activities, visit their Facebook page.

Header image © Lenne Chai