Exploring photography as a powerful tool for social change

A talk conducted by Alexander Treves 
Thu 4 May, 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Objectifs Workshop Space
Free admission, please RSVP here

In this talk, we will explore how photography can be a powerful tool for social change, particularly when it comes to raising awareness about the plight of refugees and other people displaced by conflict, violence and persecution – a group now of over 100 million people. Through powerful images and personal stories, we will examine the ways in which photography can challenge stereotypes, dispel myths, and spark meaningful conversations about the experiences of refugees. We will also discuss the ethical considerations involved in photographing vulnerable populations and share practical tips for creating impactful images that can drive positive change. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a social justice advocate, or simply someone who cares about making a difference, this talk will inspire you to use your skills and passion to create a better world for the cause you believe in.

Shop Freefall by Alexander Treves here. The proceeds from the book sales are donated to charities which assist refugees.

About Alexander Treves 

Alexander Treves has photographed refugees and other displaced people in over 20 countries. He aspires to use photography not just to document issues that he cares about, but also to raise awareness and money to assist with the underlying problems. Proceeds from sales of his books “Glimpses Over The Edge” and “Freefall” benefit refugee charities. He won second prize in the Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize, 2021.