The vagrant and the Three Crosses

A project by Jomar Tingson (the Philippines)
Recipient of the Objectifs Documentary Award 2022, Emerging Category
Mentored by Muhammad Fadli

Courtyard Space, Objectifs
31 Mar to 7 May 2023
Free admission

Opening | 30 Mar 2023, 12pm – 9pm

Artist Talk with Jomar Tingson and Muhammad Fadli | 1 Apr 2023, 4.30pm – 5.30pm (Read a recap of the session here)
Portrait Photography Masterclass by Muhammad Fadli | 31 Mar 2023, 6pm – 10pm 

Since April 2022, photographer Jomar Tingson has been photographing communities in Paete, Laguna, in the Philippines. Initially drawn to the performances of The Centurion Original, a local theatre group that performs the dramatization of the Passion of Christ each year during Holy Week, Tingson soon began expanding the scope of his project to include wider aspects of the town’s spiritual and religious beliefs.

Paete is derived from paet, the Tagalog name for chisel, which points to the town’s reputation as the woodcarving capital of the Philippines. Catholic wooden statues from Paete grace churches and museums across the country, a testament to the skill of its craftsmen, and the town’s devotion to spirituality and religion. Expressions of faith in Paete frequently meld local folklore with Catholicism; these practices are reflective of the complex histories, identities and cultures that influence the often syncretic nature of religiosity across the country.

Tingson’s exploration of the tension between modernity and tradition, colonialism and native identity, speak to his own journey in coming to terms with family lore, personal histories and identity. It is an exercise of faith and curiosity; a reconciliation of past and present, wonder and devotion.

About the artist

Jomar Tingson is a visual storyteller based in Batangas, Philippines. His personal projects explore themes such as identity, subcultures and environmental issues while tracing the chaos and beauty of forgotten folklore and its reemergence in the modern world. His works have been featured in Fotomoto 2022 and Scout Magazine in the Philippines.

About the mentor
Muhammad Fadli is a Sumatran-born Indonesian documentary and portrait photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. His personal projects explore different themes such history of colonization, subculture, environment, and social issues. He splits his time between editorial assignments, corporate and commercial works, personal projects, and as a father of a young daughter.

He is a Climate Change reporting fellow of The GroundTruth Project and the recipient of National Geographic Covid-19 Emergency Fund for Journalist. He served as the jury for World Press Photo 2021 and has published two books, Rebel Riders (Dienacht Publishing, Leipzig, Germany) and The Banda Journal (JordanJordan Editions, Jakarta, Indonesia). The latter, which was a collaborative effort with the writer Fatris MF, won Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook of the Year Awards 2021. These days, apart from being a photographer, he also acts as photo editor and multimedia producer.

Presented by Objectifs
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