About the Programme

Are you an aspiring young artist who works primarily in the mediums of photography or moving images? This programme offers you the opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals to fine-tune your craft and create new works for your portfolio. Be inspired by mentors sharing their first-hand experiences, gain insight into the arts industry and be empowered by the knowledge of how to build a sustainable career in the arts.

This Photography & Moving Images edition of the Noise Art Mentorship (NAM) is co-programmed by Objectifs. Mentors for the programme include Ang Song Nian, Edwin Koo, Jean Qingwen Loo, Liao Jiekai and Roy Zhang. Please refer to the mentors’ list here for full bios.

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Each applicant is required to submit 5 visual works, which may include photographs or videos, as your portfolio.

Applicants are also encouraged to include links to your online portfolios.

  • For photographs, please include a link to an online portfolio with up to 20 images;
  • For films and videos, please include a link to your work e.g. on YouTube or Vimeo.

You will also have to share a brief statement about yourself, what you wish to learn from the programme, and describe a creative project you wish to realise. Please also indicate up to 2 mentors you would like to be mentored by.

Selection Process

Mentors and curators will shortlist applicants they are interested to mentor. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview with the mentors and curators – but don’t lose sleep over it! It’s just a casual chat to understand you better. You may wish to bring your portfolio if you wish to show the panel more of your works.


Application deadline: 2 May 2016
Interview period: 19 May –  4 Jun 2016
First gathering: 25 Jun 2016
Mentorship period: Jul – Nov 2016
Curation/preparation: Dec 2016 – Jan 2017
Exhibition: Feb 2017

Successful Applicants Must

  • Accept the mentors assigned to them;
  • Take the initiative to seek learning opportunities from their mentor and commit to attend 10 mentorship sessions (to be arranged between mentors and mentees between July to Nov 2016);
  • Set aside time to create and produce a creative project in consultation with their mentor. The project could be a set of artworks – print, mixed-media, installation etc. An honorarium will be provided to produce the works by Nov 2016;
  • Be committed to the programme and exercise good time management to follow through the whole programme and meet deadlines;
  • Showcase their artworks in the NAM exhibition which will be held in Feb 2017. Prior to production and exhibition, artworks will be curated and advised by the curators.

To apply for the mentorship:
NAM: Photography and Moving Images by Objectifs