Learn to take beautifully illuminated and atmospheric portraits by manipulating and working with natural light.

3h over 1 session

Date & Time
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Objectifs Workshop Space & Courtyard

Proficiency Level
Beginner to Intermediate

Course Description

There is arguably no factor more essential and crucial than light in photography (a word whose etymology also means ‘drawing with light’). A key element to improving one’s photography skills lies in learning how to control and manipulate light, not only to adjust brightness, but also create an intended tone, mood, and atmosphere.

In this workshop, you will get to explore how to make the best use of natural lighting when it comes to portraiture, in both indoor and outdoor settings. Through a series of quick exercises, you will discover how to:

  • Judge natural light quality effectively
  • Position your subject accurately
  • Use reflectors and backgrounds to improvise available light
  • Create an intended mood successfully
  • Prepare for a smoother shooting session

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to take headshots suitable for use on LinkedIn, in resume portfolios, and for general professional use without the use of special lighting equipment, this workshop is for you!

Examples of photographs taken using natural lighting:

Credit: Aparna Nori

Credit: Aparna Nori

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Workshop fee

Aparna Nori
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Technical Requirements
Basic photography proficiency will be helpful. Participants may shoot with a smartphone but the use of a DSLR or mirrorless camera is encouraged if possible and accessible, as it allows for a greater range of technical possibilities.

Objectifs has a limited set of cameras for loan and use during the workshop. Please drop us an email at info@objectifs.com.sg upon registration to let us know if you need to borrow a camera during the workshop.

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About the instructor
Aparna Nori is a lens based artist living between Singapore and Bangalore, India. Her work is rooted in the personal memory, identity, and experiences, with her explorations taking form and shape through photographic interventions and narratives. She practises diverse forms of expression with digital and analog image making, alternative photographic processes, moving images, and bookmaking.

Along with her artistic practice, she works on editorial assignments with magazines and commissioned projects with artists and agencies in and out of India. Along with three other artists, Aparna also forms the artist collective in Bangalore called Kānike.