Held in conjunction with "Like Opening One's Eyes for the First Time"

Create a Metaverse with Debbie Ding
Part of Like Opening One’s Eyes for the First Time
Sat 28 May 2022, 4pm to 6pm
Objectifs Chapel Gallery
Workshop Fee: $25 / participant

2h over 1 session

Course Description
Join visual artist and technologist Debbie Ding, an exhibiting “creative author” in Like Opening One’s Eyes for the First Time, in this exciting world-building workshop!

Participants will be introduced to Debbie’s practice and works in the show, and will learn to create an immersive juxtaposition of photographic elements using simple declarative syntax similar to HTML.

  • No prior experience is required for this workshop.
  • Participants are to bring a laptop for the workshop.

Workshop Fee


Debbie Ding (DBBD.SG) is a visual artist and technologist whose interests range from historical research and urban geography to visions of the future. She reworks and reappropriates formal, qualitative approaches to collecting, labelling, organising, and interpreting assemblages of information, using this to open up possibilities for alternative constructions of knowledge. Her work was shortlisted for the President’s Young Talents 2018 and Impart Art Awards 2020 and is collected by the Australian War Memorial.